Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique


$295 (approx. 5-6 hrs)

           Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) was developed and practiced by Delores Cannon over the course of forty plus years. She began teaching this technique and certifying practitioners for several years before her passing in 2014. This technique has now been successfully practiced on tens of thousands of people worldwide through a broad network of practitioners with amazing, life changing results. It's an encompassing form of hypnosis that brings answers to life's questions, a remembering of who we are and the opportunity to make contact with what Delores called our Subconscious. This part of you is the unlimited part of you that has always existed and knows everything about you from the moment of your creation to your present moment in this life.  

          Often times those pursuing this form of transformative hypnosis are seeking healing from discomforts. These discomforts can include diseases, illnesses, sicknesses, chronic pain, trauma(s), abuse(s) or possibly addictive and unhealthy life patterns and choices. There may be a desire to know past lives or have a deeper connection to your Subconscious. It might be a search for answers to many of life's big questions like; 'why am I here', 'what is my purpose', 'why did I choose "this" family' or 'where do I transition to when I die'. It could be a blend of all those things and more. There are many valuable and valid reasons for having a QHHT session and there are no questions that are unaskable or off limits during the session.

          Your QHHT Session begins with an in depth and confidential review of your life. This generally takes two to three hours to complete and is very important to the healing process. After a short break we will move on to the hypnosis session which is usually one and a half to two hours in length. The hypnosis session makes it possible for you to enter into a deep state of relaxation. This peaceful trance state is also the same theta brain wave state that you experience just before falling asleep, just upon waking and during the day when you daydream. It is also the enjoyable state achieved when meditating. It is in this trance state where it becomes possible to connect to your Subconscious and receive answers to your questions. Making contact with this beautiful and protective part of you also allows you an opportunity for deep healing on all levels.     

          Let go of all expectations as the course of your hypnosis session will be guided by your Subconscious which will take you to the place that is most appropriate for you at this time. It may be the past, it may be the present, it may be the future or it may even be nowhere at all where your Subconscious steps in right away to speak with you. Every session is truly unique as every life situation is truly unique.    

          Rest assured that your hypnosis session and the life review we have prior will remain strictly confidential as I am sworn to confidentiality by profession. I do digitally record your session but I do not retain the recording or keep any information we discuss during your review. You are given this recording so that you can listen to it and remember it as you are called to do so. The hypnosis session itself will be like a lucid dream where your body is completely relaxed and your mind becomes very alert, focused and aware. Upon waking you will most likely remember most or all of your hypnosis session but like a dream the memories soon fade. The healing however, will not fade. It comes from your Subconscious in a transformative and life changing way that remains with you throughout your life.

           Feel free to call me with any questions you may have, and please call me prior to paying your deposit online so that we can go over some important details together. You also have the option to not pay your deposit online with a debit or credit card if you would rather use a check or pay with cash. Either way after your deposit is paid for and your QHHT session scheduled I will send you a follow up email with preparations so you can have the most successful experience possible. I look forward to our time together on your incredible journey.  



  • Gail L ~   "The QHHT experience was a gift I gave myself. But I want to thank you for being a kind gentle wise guide along this way. I felt safe and held in respect"  

  • Tina F ~  I had never been hypnotized prior and had some skepticism regarding the "hypnosis" aspect of the session.  Shannon took a few hours prior to the actual hypnosis though our interview together creating a safe space for me.  Shannon expertly guided me to a "relaxed hypnotic" state in which I regressed to past lives and had questions answered which were keeping me stuck in this life.  During the process Shannon's timing was impeccable regarding when to allow me to explore and knowing when to gently guide me through the process as not to become stagnant.  Shannon was professional and compassionate throughout allowing me to get to a vulnerable state in order to break down some barriers in my life.  The information that I retrieved in the session from my higher self has been very helpful in providing answers to some of the non-useful patterns I have been repeating in this life by showing me that I have lived differently and have the ability to heal these unhealthy patterns.  

  • Diana A. ~  I had a very powerful QHHT session with Shannon, taking me on a journey into a past life that helped me uncover challenges related in this current lifetime. Shannon's gentle and soothing presence helps you feel comfortable to experience a past life memory. His voice was calming and reassuring through the entire process, allowing it to unfold as it may. I am so grateful for Shannon and his natural abilities to provide a safe and healing space. If you are interested in journeying into a past life, I would invite you to give Shannon a call.  

  • Anonymous ~ Shannon and I worked together to help me resolve some chronic health issues. His wisdom helped guide me through some perplexing moments of profound self discoveries. The tools he gave me have enabled me to better understand who I am and why I am here. I so enjoyed Shannon's peaceful and compassionate and non judgmental energy, making me feel safe and at ease. I am now feeling closer to complete healing. I am feeling so much better mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. I find Shannon to be very knowledgeable about so many topics. I look forward to future sessions! Thank you!!