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Intuitive Energy Healing, Smudging & Oracle Card Readings


    Tara's highly developed energy work is a dynamic and effective combination of: Reiki, Access Bars, Intuitive Guidance, Chakra Clearing, Crystal Healing and Wisdom, Plant Medicine from Essential Oils, Shamanic Drumming and other Sound Therapies. She is highly sensitive to the energies all around us while being deeply grounded in her service to others.   

Tara works hard at getting to the root cause of issues to clear them up so that a "New You" can take hold and thrive.   She works for her clients highest good at the deepest soul level. Therefore each session is unique and powerful even with the same client.

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Biofield Reverberation Therapy & QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique)


Shannon has learned and embraced many modalities and techniques both in his work and in his personal healing journeys. Those methods along with his deeply inquisitive nature work to locate and identify root sources of illness and dis-ease then assist in helping to transform the unresolved root trauma creating recovery of self, soul, health and vitality.

Shannon has learned that through a continual and dedicated process of healing and freeing ourselves we step into our own power, our own purpose and our own personal heart centered way of providing service to others and the planet upon which we all currently share. 

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Spiritual Expansion Retreats


 Expand your consciousness at an outdoor retreat where you can get back in touch with the true You at some of the Pacific Northwest’s most sacred and high vibrational locations.

During the course of your retreat you can commune with nature, participate in workshops, release that which no longer serves you, spend quality time with like minded people, participate in yoga, group meditations and group gatherings, and have the opportunity to have a private session with professional onsite spiritual, wellness and energy practitioners.  You will leave with tools to help you continue to expand on your spiritual journey.

We would love to have you join our tribe!

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