Intuitive Energy Healing


$85 (approx. 1 hr.)

         Our energetic bodies are constantly in a state of flux.  Physical, Mental, Emotional and Environmental influences can interfere with our natural energetic balance.  In optimal energetic balance we are at peace mentally and in optimum physical health.

        During your session, we will harmonize or remove any imbalances or blockages to help heal your subtle energetic bodies (mental, emotional and spiritual), thereby affecting your physical body as well.   After your session you should feel more relaxed, have greater mental clarity and  your physical body should more easily be able to heal the way it innately knows how to do.  

         During your session Crystals are used on and around the body to help balance energies and bring the whole into a state of well being.  Essential oils may be used as well to help shift mental states that no longer serve your highest good.  Sound therapy in the form of Drums, Tuning Forks or Singing Bowls may be used to clear the energetic fields and/or enhance the stability of the physical resonance.

         This work is a little bit like de-fragmenting your hard drive.  It takes all of those pieces that have gotten a bit scrambled and dis-harmonic from adding and deleting patterns (programs) throughout your life, and reorganizes them into the most efficient and condensed way to allow for better processing.   Essentially releasing what no longer serves you.  

          If you are stressed, in pain, exhausted, depressed, feel scattered or have mental fog, I highly recommend this work.  It will help to reset your body & mind's current "set point".  (the place where you are feeling stuck physically or mentally now)  A single session is helpful, and with repeated sessions you can create a new "set point" that is much healthier and will give you a new "Normal" in your life.  


  • Kay H. ~  Thank you... I have been so productive today, it’s amazing! I had a wonderful session with you Tara and I can’t wait till the next one.  I feel calm, relaxed and just overall good . I hadn't been sleeping through the night in several months, last night I did. I will be reaching out soon to schedule.  

  •  Patricia W. ~  Tara, during the crystal Reiki session picked up on a childhood trauma that only 1 other intuitive reader picked up on in the past, and how this trauma deeply affected my spirit. Because Tara was able to pinpoint that my soul had shattered, I was able to uncover a hidden mystery surrounding that traumatic childhood event  and retrieve the piece of my soul that fractured . 

  • Todd C. ~    Tara! First off THANK YOU for the chakra clearing! I'm so excited to have had that done. I would love to learn more about it and have another session sometime.   That was my first time having a chakra clearing and it totally worked!! My throat chakra was blocked and I was really having a hard time speaking my truth.. and you broke that sucker open. AMAZING!!  

  • Kim N. ~   My surgery went really well.  Everything was benign and the tumors had shrunk, there was less to remove than they thought based on the tests from before I saw you.  Great work!!

  • Diana A. ~  I had a most amazing session with Tara on Mt. Shasta at Ascension Rock! Tara is an exceptional practitioner and her gentle presence was exactly what I needed to balance my energy. I highly recommend Tara, give her a call and see for yourself. 

  • Judy H. ~  I have had several reiki sessions with Tara and always come away feeling centered and revitalized. It was a spiritual and energizing experience. I look forward to many more! 

  • Karen A. ~  Tara is a very talented and caring person! She really listens to what concerns you have and focuses on those issues! I highly recommend her! My experience with her was a success!!!

  • Laurel S. ~  Tara is a gifted and talented healer, with a kind generous nature, willing to help with most anything you need. The healing sessions I have had with her were most uplifting and grounding, I recommend a Reiki session with her soon! 

  • Nancy M. ~ Thank you Tara for the wonderful chakra cleansing, recharging and balancing today at the Cosmic Depot. You are so incredibly amazing and in so many ways! Thank you!