How long does a session last?

From the beginning of our interview together until you leave, it will be four to six hours. Plan on at least five. You will only be under hypnosis for about two hours of that time. If we get to the two hour mark and you are still under hypnosis and are receiving important information at that time, I will ask your Subconscious if it will comfortable for you to continue for a little longer.

I set aside an entire eight hour day for us. That way we have extra time if needed to discuss or address anything you'd like to go over before or after your session.

Can I be hypnotized?

Yes. Everyone spends quite a bit of time every day in a state of hypnosis. It is a natural state and something we all do very often. Think of when you are watching TV or a movie or when you are driving and can't recall the last twenty minutes. It is also the very same theta brain wave state we pass through when we are falling asleep or waking up.

Is it safe?

It's as safe as taking a nice afternoon nap and it will likely be the most relaxed you have ever been.

Will I lose control of myself?

Absolutely not. Many stage hypnotists would have you believe that but in truth hypnosis is nothing more than a deep state of relaxation with heightened focus and awareness. You will always know what is happening and you will always be in complete control of yourself. Think of it as daydreaming or using your imagination as both occur during the same theta brain wave state as hypnosis. I will be your guide to help you to see, feel, know and experience things that are always there but normally kept just beneath the surface of your wakeful consciousness.

Will I remember the session?

It is estimated that roughly three percent of hypnosis subjects do not remember anything at all. These people are considered to be somnambulistic which in hypnosis terms roughly translates to someone who can function as if awake while being completely asleep and not remember the experience. You will most likely remember some or all of what happened as you will most likely be in a relaxed but very aware and focused state. But it will be like a dream and the memory will soon fade away. Sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly. That is the reason why you are given a digital audio recording at the end of your session.

Can I record the session myself?

Yes, of course you may. But I will provide you with a digital audio recording anyway.

Is my session confidential?

Yes. I hold all of work we do together in strict confidentiality. I am a certified Hypnotherapist and also a Biofield Reverberation Therapist. Both come with ethics and codes of conduct. After I have given you your digital audio recording of the session I erase it from my recorder.

How many sessions will I need?

For most people usually just one is necessary. However our healing journeys can happen in layers or levels as we are ready for them and you may have moved on to another level to address or you may wish to learn more about something or you may have more questions come up. For those reasons or others you may want to have another QHHT session.

Additionally if you would like to have additional confidential consultations or have a Biofield Reverberation Session we can schedule those whenever you'd like.

Can my spouse/partner/sibling/friend/relative be present?

The answer here is no. This work is all about you and your session is completely private. Your session is strictly confidential and I want you to be as relaxed and free as possible to speak of anything you wish. Your willingness to be unconditionally and openly truthful about yourself is necessary in order to heal. What is hidden for any reason remains unexamined and stifles the healing process. Also, we have no idea ahead of time what important information your Subconscious wants to share with you and a third person in the room could stop that valuable piece from happening.  

How do I prepare for a session?

After we decide on a time and date for your session I will email this information to you.


How will I feel after the session?

This work is completely different for everyone who undergoes it. Know that we have the entire eight hour day together if needed for you to begin assimilating any information that you may have received. It is important to practice self care and self love especially after a QHHT session.

Also of importance to note is that this work can be detoxifying on all levels and can create what is called a "temporary healing crisis" which is normal in the process of healing. This can occur as stagnant energy has shifted or moved carrying toxins with it. As this energy is transmuted the toxins are released which may cause you to feel worse for up to a few days before you feel better. Make sure to shower after the session when you get home, rest, drink plenty of clean water to help flush out any toxins, eat high quality organic unprocessed foods and love yourself unconditionally.