Tickets are just $455 *workshops~private sessions~field trips*


                               **Bring one or more friends and SAVE $50 per ticket!!**

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       We invite you to join us as we activate our light within and expand our consciousness together.  This retreat is an authentic and fully immersed Mt Shasta experience as both are held at 6400 feet in elevation on the southern slope of Mt Shasta itself and just 150 yards from the dynamic energy vortex known as Ascension Rock. You will also be camping each night at this same spectacular location that is nine miles up the mountain from the Town of Mt Shasta. 

          Mt. Shasta is a sacred place that has a call all its own. It is a top destination to many spiritual seekers. The clarity and profound wisdom experienced in its presence is both grounding and uplifting in a seamless flow. It is a special place where connection to earth, universe and self is easily made and polarities become gracefully balanced. This powerful mountain allows us opportunities to shed that which no longer serves us, while showing us accessible paths to continual expansion and life's truer purpose.

Experiential Workshops ~ Group Meditations ~ Fire Ceremonies* ~ Group Gatherings ~ Morning Yoga ~ Guided Group Trip to Ascension Rock ~ Shamanic Drum Journey

PRIVATE SESSIONS ~ One private session on the mountain with an experienced professional practitioner is included during your retreat. A link with information about each practitioner and their modalities is listed below. 

GATEWAY PEACE GARDEN FIELD TRIP** ~ We will visit the beautiful and captivating Gateway Peace Garden in the Town of Mt Shasta. This sublime garden with its labyrinth, peace pole and hidden nooks with meditation benches provides an intimate setting for private reflection and personal transformation.  

GUIDED JOURNEY INTO TELOS ~ Intuitive and Telos Guide Diana Aimone will be taking us to a secluded meadow close to the campground for a guided visualized journey into the Lemurian civilization of Telos. This sandy meadow is a energized gateway to the fifth dimensional civilization inside the mountain. 

STEWART MINERAL SPRINGS FIELD TRIP*** ~ Included in the middle of your retreat is a day of purification. We have arranged for each guest to have a private soak in Stewart Mineral Springs famous healing waters. Included with your private soak is full use of their aromatic wood fired dry sauna and cool down plunges in the pristine mineral fed Parks Creek that runs adjacent to the bath and sauna house. This location is just a thirty five minute drive from the retreat. 

Private Meditation and Reflection ~ Personal Trips to Ascension Rock ~ Journaling ~ Personal Hikes ~ Visiting the many Crystal Shops in the Town of Mt Shasta ~ Conversations with Like Hearted People ~ Drive up to experience Panther Meadow ~  AND Full Immersion into the Enchantment of Mt Shasta. 

          This retreat is open to spiritual explorers 18 or older. Reservable space is limited to just 15 people. The complete schedule is listed below. You can participate in any retreat activities that call to you. Or just bask in the magic of Shasta while taking in the energy of Ascension Rock and revel in the company of high vibrational souls. Playing is encouraged as we expand our Selves, so feel free to bring your respectful playthings such as frisbees, hula hoops, hacky sacks, etc. Instruments are encouraged and can be played after evening meditations and personal sessions are no longer occurring. Feel free to share your unique gifts and let your inner child play!!!   

          During your five day expansion retreat you will be camping at Red Fir Flat Group Campground which is just 150 yards from the dynamic energy vortex known as Ascension Rock. This palpable vortex is a personal gateway into Shasta's multi-dimensional realm. Weather at this time of the year at Red Fir Flat Campground has typical daytime highs in the mid 70's to mid 80's with overnight lows that can dip down to low 40's. Bring appropriate clothing for both warm and cool temperatures. We will have two rented port-a-potties delivered to our area as well a hand washing station. If fires are allowed, there will be a central fire ring for group gathering and ceremonial use. Personal campfires will not be allowed.  

          Your entrance to the retreat includes a space for your tent, RV or car camping. The campground can accommodate travel trailers and motor homes up to 25 feet in length. You will need your own transportation to the retreat as well as to Gateway Peace Garden, Sand Flat Meadow and Stewart Mineral Springs. Community carpooling is encouraged and helpful to those who arrive in a motor home. You will also need your own camping gear, meals, water and personal cleaning supplies. If you need a tent we have a few available to rent on a first come basis. Tent rental does not include any other camping or sleeping gear. The rented tent will be tall enough to stand up in and big enough to comfortably sleep two and store your gear, and will be set up and taken down for you. There is NO running water or power available. There will be fresh, high vibrational drinking water provided, that is collected from the head of the Sacramento River.  There is limited cell reception but disconnection from your technology and watch is encouraged. 

          We will also be setting up a community cooking station for guests to use with two Coleman camp stoves to share but you will need to bring your own cookware, plates and utensils. You can bring your own cook stove if you choose. And we will also have a dishwashing station set up and a first aid kit will be on hand.

          Please leave your pets at home. Out of respect for each other and the sacred place we gather, both retreats are smoke free/vape free gatherings and neither recreational drugs or alcohol are allowed. Quiet time is from 9:00 pm to 7:00 am. If you absolutely need to use a generator during this retreat, use is restricted from noon to 1:30 pm and 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Thank you for understanding and respecting the quiet time. 

          If you would like to attend the retreat but do not want to camp you can choose to stay in town at any location of your choice. If this is a better option for you then please note that the price of the retreat is still the same, you will be responsible for finding and paying for your own accommodations, you will still need your own transportation, you will still need to check in on Wednesday during the times listed on the schedule below and you will need to arrive each following day at least ten minutes before the start of that day's group gathering at 8:30 am. You will also need to bring your own meals each day.

          After you reserve your space, you will receive an email with additional information regarding check-in procedures along with detailed driving directions and a list of recommended supplies to bring. Please note that once you have purchased your space it is nonrefundable but is transferable upon approval of the retreat hosts.

          We are very excited to have you join us as we expand our consciousness together in the presence of the ancient wisdom of Mt. Shasta and the beautiful souls that are called to gather. This is our third year of hosting Mt Shasta retreats at this location. They have proven to provide an exceptional opportunity to further activate your inner light as we play in our hearts with great potential for new discoveries, direction and transformation for all who are called to participate.

The three onsite professional practitioners listed below are limiting themselves to five complete sessions during each retreat. When you purchase your space you will be instructed to choose your preferred practitioner. Therefore, the sooner you purchase your space the more likely it is that you will receive your first preference. We cannot guarantee anyone their first choice. The day and time of your session will be provided to you upon check in.   

Diana Aimone MS, Intuitive Readings:

Tara Townsend, Intuitive Energy Healing:

Shannon Townsend, Biofield Reverberation Therapy:


WEDNESDAY  August 21st

    9:00am to Noon - Check-In and Set Up Camp
Lunch Break - Noon to 1:30pm
    1:30pm to 2:30pm - Opening Gathering & Guided Meditation: The Balance
    2:30pm to 4:00pm - Getting Settled and Acquainted or Private Session
    4:00pm to 5:30pm - Mindfulness Discussion with Experiential Trip to Ascension Rock
Dinner Break - 5:30pm to 7:00pm
    7:00pm -  Fire Ceremony: Release & Intention Setting

THURSDAY  August 22nd
    7:00am to 8:30am - Morning Wake-Up Drum and Breakfast  
    8:30am - Group Gathering
    8:45am - Field Trip to Sand Flat Gateway Meadow: Guided Visualized Journey into Telos  
    11:00am to 12:30pm - Private Session or Yoga & Journaling Time    
Lunch Break - 12:30pm to 2pm
    2:00pm - Experiential Workshop: Sensing Crystal Energy & Tuning In with Pendulums
    3:30pm to 5:30pm - Private Session or Social / Private Reflection / Exploration Time
Dinner Break - 5:30pm to 7:00pm
    7:00pm - Group Gathering

FRIDAY  August 23rd   
Day of Purification
    7:00am to 8:30am - Morning Wake-Up Drum and Breakfast    
    8:30am - Group Gathering
    9:15am - First Group Departure to Stewart Mineral Springs
    11:45am - Second Group Departure to Stewart Mineral Springs
    Afternoon Exploration Time:
-Visit the Town of Mt Shasta (crystal shops, restaurants, etc),
-Take a Trip to Panther Meadow
-or ???
    6:00pm - Shamanic Drum Journey at Ascension Rock
    7:30pm - Group Gathering 

SATURDAY  August 24th

    7:00am to 8:30am - Morning Wake-Up Drum and Breakfast    
    8:30am - Group Gathering
    8:45am - Field Trip: Gateway Peace Garden - Private Meditation and Labyrinth Walk
    11:00am to 12:30pm - Private Session or Yoga & Journaling  
Lunch Break - 12:30pm to 2pm
    2:00pm - Experiential Workshop: Strengthening Your Electromagnetic Polarity:
To Increase Your Vitality, Expand Your Consciousness and Heal Yourself
    4:00pm to 5:30pm - Private Session or Social / Private Reflection Time
Dinner Break - 5:30pm to 7:00pm
    7:00pm - Group Gathering

SUNDAY  August 25th

    7:00am - Morning Wake-Up Drum
    7:00am to 11am - Breakfast and Breakdown Camp
    11am to Noon - Closing Ceremony & Guided Meditation: Sharing the Light

Additional Note Regarding Open Resourceful Dialogue-
We are creating an outdoor sacred space with deep respect to self, others and the mountain upon which we gather. The entire campground will be a safe nonjudgmental space. It will provide a respectful opportunity to ask questions or share your experiences and gifts. Also allowing you the freedom to discuss the unexplainable things, the mystery of it all, and connect with the divine as we let the energy and ancient wisdom of Mt Shasta and Ascension Rock flow through us to activate and expand our Selves. Experienced professional spiritual counselors will be on hand to provide appropriate discretion and to help facilitate a positive experience for all.

*Fire Ceremonies (if there is no fire ban in place)
**Gateway Peace Garden
***Stewart Mineral Springs 

This institution is operated under a special use permit with the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and operates on a non-discriminatory basis.

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 I had one of the most amazing, uplifting, clarifying, energetic, relaxing, loving, supportive, enlightening experiences of my life at the Ochocos Retreat! I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who is considering going to the Shasta Retreat, to GO FOR IT! You will be SO glad you did!  Truly life changing! 

I had such a soul stirring experience at a recent retreat hosted by LifeSource Healing Arts Tara Townsend Shanon Townsend Diana Bechtel Aimone Tina Frasnelly
Since moving to Klamath Falls my bare feet are on a powerful path of returning to myself, diving deep into my soul and reclaiming the repressed divine gifts that were so easily accessible to me as a child. I’m looking forward to many more retreats and awakenings with this mindful, intuitive tribe of healers, soul shakers & wisdom holders. 

 Words cannot express the gifts you all have given us this weekend. The chance to grow and connect spiritually with ourselves and others is simply amazing. We feel your hearts in all you did to put together this retreat. You shared your gifts unselfishly and willingly. These blessing you have bestowed upon us are beyond belief. We feel so connected with ourselves, each other, you, spirit and Shasta. May your inner light keep shining as a beacon us lost in this world. May you know the love that you have given. 

My experience on the "Shasta" retreat with Life Source Healing Arts and other facilitators was absolutely life changing for me.  I would recommend this getaway to anyone and everyone no matter how little or far they believe they are on their spiritual path.  The facilitators were learned, kind, brilliantly smart, compassionate and giving throughout the retreat, always available for guidance or conversation.  The participants were from many states of the union, all ages, all walks of life, and that so added to the greatness of our time together.  To summarize, the camp site was so private, so stunning, so unique - that added to the joy.  The days were planned so that we could be "busy" with classes, facilitators, private session, and could also, without judgment, have tons of free time to explore, pray and evolve all by ourselves.   I am so excited to treat myself to one of the dates that will be offered by these fabulous people in 2019.  Outstanding in so many ways.  Feeling blessed.

First and foremost I want to say that I received a message early in the summer at a Soul Card workshop that said a mountain calls me, asking me to partake of the people there, and I would find a deep treasure hidden within me at this mountain. This message is what brought me to Mt. Shasta. The retreat LifeSource Healing Arts facilitated at Mt. Shasta was wonderful. There were 3 of us coming out all the way from Florida and Tara answered all question and concerns before booking the trip and the LifeSource tribe graciously supplied us with certain camping necessities we would need, but for obvious reasons could not fly with, like a camp stove! We arrived early-ish prepared to set up our tent, etc. only to find these wonderful people already did that for us!!! They carefully planned out our camping weekend and when we would each have a healing session of choice. All the facilitators are truly blessed with extraordinary gifts, that were amplified by the amazing energy of Mt. Shasta. Tara, during the crystal Reiki session picked up on a childhood trauma that only 1 other intuitive reader picked up on in the past, and how this trauma deeply affected my spirit. Because Tara was able to pinpoint that my soul had shattered, I was able to uncover a hidden mystery surrounding that traumatic childhood event  and retrieve the piece of my soul that fractured then during the retreat... Thereby finding the treasure that was hidden deep inside me. I've continued my soul retrieval journey since the retreat because of Tara's healing, and through the activations received by the energy of Mt. Shasta I've been discovering more about my divine purposes, one of which doesn't even exist on this physical plane of existence! I'm forever thankful for my Mt. Shasta experience and forever grateful to Tara, Shannon, Diana, and Tina for giving us the opportunity for amazing healing plus all the love, understanding, and compassion they showed everyone. 

My experience at the retreat was life changing! So much healing and gift development took place there. I also made life long spiritual friendships. Looking forward to the next one!

Truly a memorable experience. Learned a lot about myself and also made some friends at the retreat I'm still in contact with. I would Highly Recommend it to anyone looking to take a step forward to learn more about themselves, the true existence and purpose of the human race, and the true purpose and missions we all have to accomplish in this life.

I attended the Shasta retreat. It was well organized. The details were thorough and communication excellent. I felt well cared for in preparation and upon arrival. All the facilitators/organizers are passionate, kind and skilled Light workers. There is also high degree of professionalism and ethics.  All the activities that were planned and downtime was well balanced and overall there was a nice relaxed pacing to the retreat. 

The retreat on Mnt Shasta was highly influential to my spiritual growth. My personal session gave me confirmation and reassurance that I was on the right path. I enjoyed getting to know the facilitators and other participants. Everyone was kind and helpful. It was easy for me to open up and stay heart centered.

The multi day expansion retreat in the Ochoco Mtns was a hugely impactful time for me to hit pause, create space, refocus my intentions, surround myself with high vibe people and places and learn more about myself. Forever grateful. I left feeling renewed and left a lot of unnecessary ways of living behind. 

Beyond Grateful for Diana, Tara, Shannon and Tina. These Beautiful Souls Facilitated what was definitely a life -Altering Experience in Mt. Shasta.  It was a Magical Retreat - I could Feel They were Sharing and Guiding the group from their Loving Hearts.
They offered Engaging and Expansive excursions and workshops.   While I didn't have the opportunity to experience a Session with each of them. My Session with Diana was instrumental in what I needed on my path of Awakening.   I highly recommend any Retreat these Amazing Souls are part of.  They are Bright Lights in this World.

The entire experience was really impactful for me. Connecting with nature and spirit is something that was sorely missing in my world and having such kind and compassionate people to connect with made that difference, that is going to allow me to make permanent changes in my life. So many amazing experiences and great people make this event mandatory for me and my life moving forward. Thank you for this gift. 

My experience with the multi- day retreat and the information shared therein was life altering. Many people are feeling the shift in our world and are no longer satisfied by the information being provided.
I feel that experiences like this type of retreat will support many on their journey towards a more enlightened state. The facilitators give their information openly, profoundly, and from a place of personal experiences.  

Amazing experience and highly recommend if you are trying to reconnect with yourself. All the practitioners and hosts were amazing! I cant wait until next year. Much love, scott