Biofield Reverberation Therapy


$75 (approx. 1 - 1.5 hrs)

          Biofield Reverberation Therapy is a whole body sound balancing and healing technique applied over and around your entire body (i.e. Self) which includes your physical body, main chakras, minor chakras, extended biofield and energy points. Your biofield consists of your aura (aka: etheric body or biomagnetic sheath), your emotional body, your mental body and your higher vibrational spiritual bodies. In my experience this is also the same part of your body that stores your memories. Through life’s unresolved traumatic experiences and injuries on all levels the innate energy flow and stable connection we normally have to all parts of our entire Self can become disharmonic. This disharmony can be seen as an energy or information blockage, imbalance or incongruence. This can also become fragmented and imprinted with repeating negative patterns. These conditions are soul loss which is when a piece of us has separated from the whole to survive and protect us from an experience. Left unresolved this disharmonic separated condition ultimately manifests as dis-order, dis-comfort, ill-ness and dis-eases in our mind, emotions and physical body.

         During a Biofield Reverberation Therapy Session the hypnotic power of the beating drum is moved precisely through and around your entire Self to locate any disharmonic energy signatures or patterns. When these are located the drum will change its volume, pitch, timbre or tone or any combination of these. Sometimes a shared memory of the trauma may come through to me if your Higher Self (soul) deems it appropriate. When either one or both of those possibilities happen I continue drumming in the same location as the reverberation of the drum envelopes and entrains the disharmonic energy. If the memory has presented itself to me I will acknowledge and work through the traumatic experience with your Higher Self to gently negotiate the soul's return to the body. 

          When the disharmony is cleared I use the drum to continually move the now harmonized energy back into the chakra associated with the experience where it can then be reintegrated back into the whole Self. Harmonizing, stabilizing and reintegrating a fragmented piece of your Self is a vital form of soul recovery or soul retrieval. During your session the powerful reverberating waves of sound from the drum are felt throughout your body increasing your vibrational frequency and directional free flow of life force energy making this deeply intensive therapy both relaxing and invigorating at the same time.  

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  •  Gina L. ~ I had an AMAZING drumming session with Shannon Townsend. At the start of the session, he scanned my chakras and found a couple of clogs/blockages. When he asked for spiritual assistance in opening them up, the pendulum literally spun around like nothing either of us had ever seen before. Needless to say, he was able of clear out the blocks and get my energy flowing again. He then used a beautiful handmade drum and I was literally bathed in the sound and reverberations of the drum. He was able to pick up traumas/issues that were stuck in my biofield that needed healing/release. I came out of that session, completely renewed and feeling peaceful. Thank you Shannon! 

  • Lo L. ~  My personal private session was with Shannon.  He is so in tune to his client's body and soul, definitely a gift from the divine that he shares with others.  I will always be amazed that his drum work which is anything but whisper soft, put me into a heavy sleep and when I awoke what seemed a minute later, but was told was about an hour later, my body felt amazingly healthy and my busy monkey mind was clear and in a happy state that remained for many weeks to follow. 

  • Diana A. ~  My biofield reverberation session with Shannon was an insightful and amazing experience. Shannon helped me tap into a time in my life that needed attention and healing. The drumming moved out blocks and I felt balanced and rejuvenated. I would highly recommend biofield reverberation sessions with Shannon.