Biofield Reverberation FAQs

What are some typical symptoms this therapy is used for?

Clients have expressed to me a reduction anxiety, pain, inflammation, depression, feeling less stressed, releasing of anger and frustration and also being at peace and ease again. Some have also expressed that they feel more grounded in their body and more in the flow of life again.

How long is a typical session?

A new clients first session is generally around an hour and a half while following sessions are typically around an hour. The first session usually takes longer because I will answer any questions you may have regarding the therapy and we will also have a short interview preceding the session. The actual drumming portion of the session typical lasts for around a half an hour. After the drumming we will discuss anything that was discovered.

*Even though your first session takes longer I am not charging any more for it at this time.

Do I need more than one session?

One session can have profound results but this work  generally proceeds in layers or levels as you are ready for them. Typically one session works on one layer and another session works on the next. We both have our own responsibilities to allow this type of therapy to be successful. I create a sacred space and remain a clear nonjudgmental conduit to locate and work with your unresolved disharmonic experiences and energies.  You are responsible for you. Meaning that you need to trust the process and be open to continual healing, growth and self examination without fear or judgments. What is purposefully hidden for any reason remains unexamined and unhealed and stifles the healing process. Generally speaking around three sessions that are spaced a week or two apart is a great place to start and from there we can figure out together if you need more.

Is my session confidential?

Yes. All work we do together is strictly held in confidentiality. I am a Biofield Reverberation Therapist and also a certified Hypnotherapist. Both come with ethics and codes of conduct including confidentiality. 

Can I bring a friend, spouse or family member?

The answer here is no. This work is all about you.  Your willingness to be unconditionally and openly truthful about yourself is necessary in order to heal. You are always free to share the experience with whomever you like.

Is the drumming portion of the session loud?

Everyone experiences sound differently. Most people do not find the drum portion to be too loud. For those that do I have earplugs available free of charge and you will get a new unopened pair if you would like one. Before I begin the drumming portion of your first session I will perform some test drumming around your chest, head and ears for you to get a sense of how it feels and also if it is too loud for you to decide whether or not you would like earplugs. If you do want earplugs then know that the earplugs will not diminish your experience or outcome in any way. You are also free to bring your own hearing protection if you would like.


How do I prepare for a session?

Other than a willingness to begin or continue your self examination and healing process there is nothing special that you need to do to prepare.


Are there any more details about what a typical session is like?

For the vast majority of those that have had this work done they describe the experience of the session as deeply relaxing, yet energizing. Some stay completely awake and alert and/or in a meditative state. Most move in between that state and sleep. While others fall into a state of deep sleep within a minute or two after the drumming portion begins. Some people have described it as a state of complete nothingness where their busy mind was turned off or suspended. Others have described visions or seeing sacred geometric patterns. Some have described seeing their ancestors or guides with them in the room helping them along on their healing journey while others have described the experience as nothing particularly interesting or special happening at all.

It is important to let go of all expectations. There are no "right" or "wrong" ways to experience the session and you will receive exactly what you are supposed to receive regardless of your state of consciousness.


How will I feel after the session?

This work moves sound frequencies deep into your body like a relaxing massage that reaches deep into your bones. Directly after the session the vast majority of clients feel incredibly relaxed while full of energy at the same time in a state they say that words can't really describe except possibly, "a profound state of wellness." It is important to note that this work is detoxifying on all levels and can create what is called a "temporary healing crisis" which is normal in the process of healing. This occurs because we have moved stagnant energy that carries toxins with it. As this energy is transmuted the toxins are released which may cause you to feel worse for up to a few days before you feel better. Make sure to shower after the session when you get home, rest, drink plenty of clean water, eat high quality organic unprocessed foods and love yourself unconditionally.   

Are there any contraindications? Who should not have it?

This work is contraindicated (should not be used) for anyone with a pacemaker, if you have pain stimulator implants and for women who are pregnant. This work is also not for those with cancer or any other serious terminal illness because it can cause a temporary healing crisis which could cause an excessive overload to your already overloaded system.