Remote Energy Healings


$45 (approx. 30 min)

It is crucial that we keep the vital Life Force Energy flowing into our Chakras so that it can assist our physical & mental bodies to Heal, the way they innately know how to. 

We will take a look at how the energy is flowing in each of your 7 major Chakras.  

If we find any disharmony or stagnation, we will discuss what might have caused the issue.  We will also look at how it may be manifesting into physical or mental/emotional symptoms in your life. 

I will then clear and balance any stagnation or disharmony from your Energy Centers.

We will then discuss ways to Empower you and to support the new unobstructed Energy Flow, in order to keep you in your best state of Health and Wellbeing.

*Add an Oracle Card Reading for only $10!


  • THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!   I'm feeling so much better after our remote session.  You are an amazing practitioner Tara!!

  •  Wow What an amazing offering! Thank you so much for that very energetic and palpable clearing. I feel more in alignment. I look forward to feeling the continued effects of this release over the next few days. 

  • Oh my thank you Tara! I could feel the energy moving and swirling in my torso in an upward direction then up into my cranium and in my legs. I say this is remarkable as I don't always feel energy that clearly.

  •  Thanks again Tara for this amazing clearing work. Didn't realize that I what I was experiencing was some blocked areas. I could feel the energy moving and releasing right away. Wow! 

  • WOW!!!  For the first time ever, I was able to fly my plane into Colorado without getting a headache.  Obviously, that stagnant energy causing those symptoms for all of those years has been cleared out.