Private Party Smudge Fan Making Workshop

Gather up your friends and share in this fun and creative workshop!

Held at Nature's Bling  133 SW Century Drive suite 202 Bend OR 

(Next to Bend Pet Express)   

A smudge fan is traditionally used to waft sage or other herbal/resin smoke into and around your home or self to clear any negative or stuck energy.  Leaving your space or you refreshed and renewed energetically. 

*Minimum of 6 participants to book, maximum of  12 participants total.


*Fee $40  per participant

*We will provide all of the Feathers, Handles & Decoration for you to create your very own personalized tool. 

However, feel free to bring any of your own feathers or crystals that you may want to incorporate into your fan.


Private Party Crystal Related Workshops

 Gather up  your friends and share in these informative and empowering workshops! 

You provide the location for this educational and interactive workshop. 

($50 Additional if I provide the location)

*Minimum of 6 participants to book, maximum of  12 participants total. 

*Fee is $35 per participant

Sensing Crystal Energy - Tune into your Gifts

Learn to tap into your inner knowing. We will explore crystal vibrations and how they can affect our energy fields.

You will receive a hand out on Crystal Care as well as 2 crystals that you can take home to continue to work with.


Gridding with Crystals - Manifest your Desires

Learn to use Crystal Grids to manifest your desires. Attract luck, prosperity, love, health and more into your reality.

You will learn how to create grids with crystals, how to program them and how to activate them.

You will receive a handout with grid layouts and stone properties, as well as a Generator Crystal and Activation Crystal. 


Working with Pendulums - Receive Guidance & Clarity

 Learn to tap into your Inner Knowing by using a Pendulum.

We will learn how to communicate with our inner guidance and get clarity around questions that we would like answers to. Anything from what job to take to which supplements or foods are best for your optimal health.

You will receive a handout and a pendulum to take home and work with.


Chakra Balancing with Crystals - Improve your Wellbeing

In this class we will learn that how we show up in life depends on how well our Chakras are functioning.  

You will learn to recognize symptoms of both underactive & overactive Chakras.  We will take a look at  how our physical illnesses are connected to our Chakra function. 

We will also learn about Crystal Energy and how it can help bring our Chakras back into balance.   

We will take some time to diagnose our own Chakra strength and then take part in a Chakra balancing exercise using Crystals.

You will leave this class with a handout containing all of the information you need to continue working on your Chakras in the future.      

Each attendee will receive a set of 7 Chakra Balancing Crystals.  



  • Tara is a well known respected healer and loved by many! With her vast knowledge and experience, you will learn so much and enjoy every second! 

  • Such an amazing class! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and beautiful energy with all of us!

  • Thanks to Tara for such a wonderful & informative presentation of the Chakra balancingW/crystals & all the folks who attended.

  • Thank you so much ! It was just what my soul needed ! 🙏💕🙌

  • It was an amazing class. Exactly what I needed. Thank you. 

  • That was very inspiring and full of wonderful info. I especially liked the meditation with the crystals and the amazing effects I had as I placed them. A valuable tool for me to use. Thanks for the gift.

  • Thank you for an easy to understand, educational and beneficial workshop. What wonderful tools you shared helping folks to help themselves.!

  •  So great. I feel healed in so many ways. Such a great tool to be taught. 

  • I really enjoyed the class! I learned a lot and have a lot of work to do. Thank you for having this class. We will become better people for it.