Smudging Supplies

Smudge Sets


Smudging Sets Include: 

Abalone Shell & Stand, Volcanic Black Sand and Smudge Stick.

Small or Large Sets

Shells, Stands, Smudge Sticks & Volcanic Sand


  *Small or Large Abalone Shells  

*Small or Large Stand 

*Small or Large Smudge Stick 

*Volcanic Sand 

Smudge Fans


 Jute or Birch Handled


Deluxe Antler Handled

See Available Fans



Crystal Grids

Large (2 sided) Grid FRONT Flower of Life (Filled)


Large (2 sided) Grid BACK Metatron's Cube


Approx. 8.5-10 Inches across

Live edge Basswood

Large (2 sided) Grid FRONT Flower of Life (Lines)


Small Crystal Grid ~ Seed of Life


Approx. 4 inches across

Live edge Basswood

*crystal not included

Manifest your Desires

How to create, activate and use a Crystal Grid for manifestation.  

For basics on creating and activating

 your Crystal Grid


Order crystal grids

Small Crystal Grid ~ Triskelion


Approx. 3.5 inches across

Live edge Basswood

*crystal not included

Pendulum Divination Board



Approx. 8.5-10 Inches across

Live edge Basswood

For basics on how to use a pendulum


Order divination boards

Satisfied Customers

  • DeAnna H. ~  I purchased a smudge fan for a very close friend's birthday. She can be tough to find gifts for...but she loved this. They are really beautiful. Tara responded quickly to my inquiry, and shipped the item super fast. 

  • Michelle R. ~  I ordered 2 smudge fans, one for my practice and one as a gift for a friend, we both LOVE them, and they were even more beautiful in person than the pictures. I highly recommend! 

  • Debbie M. ~  We loooove our handmade fan for smudging. Truly unique with treasures found throughout Oregon from our polished agate from Manzanita to the antler found in Central Oregon and local feathers. Truly a piece of art. 

  • Angelica A. ~   Tara was a delight to order from. Her smudging pieces are gorgeous and one of a kind. Very pleased I met her. 

  • Chrissy J. ~  I bought a smudge fan from Tara and absolutely love it! I can't wait to use it! 

  • Jacy S. ~   I love my smudging feathers, from LifeSource Healing Arts, they are unique, functional, and simply beautiful.