July 10th -14th & August 21st -25th Mt. Shasta 2019 *workshops~private sessions~field trips*


Susanne F. (Bend OR)

I had one of the most amazing, uplifting, clarifying, energetic, relaxing, loving, supportive, enlightening experiences of my life at the Ochocos Retreat! I would HIGHLY recommend anyone who is considering going to the Shasta Retreat, to GO FOR IT! You will be SO glad you did!  Truly life changing! 

Amanda S. (Klamath Falls OR)

 When you spend you whole life knowing there is a beautiful spiritual truth out there but outside of your own soul it's just beyond your grasp....and then suddenly one day, it all comes to makes sense. The pain, the confusion, the soul-centric knowledge, the wholistic goodness and spiritual registries....

The knowledge in my soul is finally being put into verbal language. I was surrounded by these beautiful beings walking this journey, a step or two ahead of me, but still, in a rhythm I could finally harmonize with. And my light, shrinking dimmer through the years of loneliness and loss in a world I could never relate to, started to glow brighter and stronger with each new connection made. These spirits, so easy to love, so recognizable, were teaching and showing me truths I once knew.

I had such a soul stirring experience at a recent retreat hosted by LifeSource Healing Arts Tara Townsend Shanon Townsend Diana Bechtel Aimone Tina Frasnelly
Since moving to Klamath Falls my bare feet are on a powerful path of returning to myself, diving deep into my soul and reclaiming the repressed divine gifts that were so easily accessible to me as a child. I’m looking forward to many more retreats and awakenings with this mindful, intuitive tribe of healers, soul shakers & wisdom holders. 

Cathy W. (FL)

Words cannot express the gifts you all have given us this weekend. The chance to grow and connect spiritually with ourselves and others is simply amazing. We feel your hearts in all you did to put together this retreat. You shared your gifts unselfishly and willingly. These blessing you have bestowed upon us are beyond belief. We feel so connected with ourselves, each other, you, spirit and Shasta. May your inner light keep shining as a beacon us lost in this world. May you know the love that you have given. 

Lo L. (Bend OR)

My experience on the "Shasta" retreat with Life Source Healing Arts and other facilitators was absolutely life changing for me.  I would recommend this getaway to anyone and everyone no matter how little or far they believe they are on their spiritual path.  The facilitators were learned, kind, brilliantly smart, compassionate and giving throughout the retreat, always available for guidance or conversation.  The participants were from many states of the union, all ages, all walks of life, and that so added to the greatness of our time together.  To summarize, the camp site was so private, so stunning, so unique - that added to the joy.  The days were planned so that we could be "busy" with classes, facilitators, private session, and could also, without judgment, have tons of free time to explore, pray and evolve all by ourselves.   I am so excited to treat myself to one of the dates that will be offered by these fabulous people in 2019.  Outstanding in so many ways.  Feeling blessed.

Patricia W. (FL) 

First and foremost I want to say that I received a message early in the summer at a Soul Card workshop that said a mountain calls me, asking me to partake of the people there, and I would find a deep treasure hidden within me at this mountain. This message is what brought me to Mt. Shasta. The retreat LifeSource Healing Arts facilitated at Mt. Shasta was wonderful. There were 3 of us coming out all the way from Florida and Tara answered all question and concerns before booking the trip and the LifeSource tribe graciously supplied us with certain camping necessities we would need, but for obvious reasons could not fly with, like a camp stove! We arrived early-ish prepared to set up our tent, etc. only to find these wonderful people already did that for us!!! They carefully planned out our camping weekend and when we would each have a healing session of choice. All the facilitators are truly blessed with extraordinary gifts, that were amplified by the amazing energy of Mt. Shasta. Tara, during the crystal Reiki session picked up on a childhood trauma that only 1 other intuitive reader picked up on in the past, and how this trauma deeply affected my spirit. Because Tara was able to pinpoint that my soul had shattered, I was able to uncover a hidden mystery surrounding that traumatic childhood event  and retrieve the piece of my soul that fractured then during the retreat... Thereby finding the treasure that was hidden deep inside me. I've continued my soul retrieval journey since the retreat because of Tara's healing, and through the activations received by the energy of Mt. Shasta I've been discovering more about my divine purposes, one of which doesn't even exist on this physical plane of existence! I'm forever thankful for my Mt. Shasta experience and forever grateful to Tara, Shannon, Diana, and Tina for giving us the opportunity for amazing healing plus all the love, understanding, and compassion they showed everyone. 


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