Access Consciousness Bars Sessions


$99 approx. 1.5 hours

*Maintenance sessions at $99 and are available after initial 2 hr session at $149.

*Each Access Bars session includes a Chakra Assessment and Clearing.

         From the time we are born we begin to look at the world through the perspective of what we are told or what we see around us in our environment.  We build walls for ourselves though these conclusions that we have made, dependent on our experiences.  What you were told by your parents, your teachers and your society created the limitations that you put on your reality.   What if we could go back and clean the slate?  What if we could remove those limitations and start living life from a place of  "anything is possible"?  What if we opened to  the flow of abundance by asking ourselves, even when times are good...... "How does it get any better than this?!", allowing something even better to come to us?

        Access Bars® facilitates the energetic clearing of thoughts and emotions that are not serving your highest good.  This allows you to be more present in the moment rather than just running on auto-pilot at the will of your past conditioning. You become more awake to the possibilities that life offers, allowing you to become more "receptive". 

       When using the Access Bars® method the barriers to Universal abundance tend to simply fall away.  Instead of functioning from repetitive patterns that keep you stuck in your current reality. Running your ‘Bars’ helps you to function from your true being, freeing you to create something new. Not only is it hitting the Delete button when it comes to old programs, but it is also Emptying the Recycle Bin!  

        After having their Bars run people report feeling more centered within and more connected to others and to the Universe at large.   Access Bars®  has assisted thousands of people to change many aspects of their lives. People report better health, ease of sleep (Insomnia), weight loss (Eating from Habit instead of Need), releasing addictions (Smoking), better sex and relationships (Intimacy & Self Worth Issues), relief from anxiety (PTSD), less stress (Depression) and so much more! 

       During an Access Bars® session, a trained practitioner lightly touches 32 points on your head which dissipates the electromagnetic charge that gets locked in our brains by the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that we have stored over lifetimes.  Access Bars®  breaks down the walls we have created that keep us from reaching our ultimate goals and realizing our highest potential!


  • Thank you!  I keep raving about my session to everyone that I have seen since.  I had some major shifts just during that session.  I have actually forgotten the name of the man that raped me.  It has just left my brain.  I let go of a situation  with my mom from when I was 7 that no matter what I did to work through it, it kept popping up.  Thank you!

  •  Life seems so much easier since my session.  The things that used to send me instantly into a frustrated rage just don't seem to affect me any more.  My relationship with my husband is so much more relaxed and my children have a much more present mother. Thank you! 

  •  Wow!  Not only can I see the difference, but so can the people around me.  My confidence has exploded and I feel like for the first time I am much more connected with everyone and everything around me.  I find myself constantly putting myself in situations that seemed intimidating before with comfort and ease.  I am so very grateful for this wonderful gift. 

  •  I have been feeling so much better! You are my angel. 

  •  I had one of the most amazing parenting experiences - my kids were off the charts arguing and instead of getting triggered at all, I felt calm and clear on how to handle the situation. It turned into a powerful teaching moment where they felt empowered. Thank you Access Bars! 

  •  I am so thankful for my sessions. I was ready to give up on several relationships and I found myself avoiding spending time with friends and family. Especially ones that have high anxiety and that can’t relax. My sleep is way better and I can stay focused and get things done. I had a hard time making simple decisions. I feel blessed every day I wake up. Thank you  Ohhh..........and I am no longer having nightmares!!

  • Good morning ! Just wanted to say thank you again for Tuesday's sesssion.  I'm noticing my mindset has been clearer and softer around certain situations that have come up. Like I'm in observation mode and stepping out of the situations and wanting to come up with less automatic reactions. Its been really good. 

  • Directly after my session there seemed as a big weight was lifted from me and all of my senses were heightened. Everything that had been running on my mind cleared away. *  The week following I came to a new acceptance of my feeling of not needing to use nicotine throughout my day, it’s been just breaking the habit now. It’s not that I have to have it. *  My view of my personal relationships has changed where I feel more at peace with offering what I am and not what I think I need to be for the other person. *  I’ve also found a new love and acceptance for myself. I’m patient with myself and not having the need to be or want change different aspects of myself.  * I’ve also been able to slow down through my day to day life and learning to be in the moment as much as I can. It’s a training, but it’s dropped down my anxiety level by so much.  *  I also don’t feel the need to have to ground myself at the end of everyday. I’m able to let all of the emotions and extra energy flow through.  *  It’s been a beautiful state to be in.

  •  I have seen and felt a drastic change in pain, depression, and anxiety levels since my initial access bar session. My impression of the session is beyond describable. Tara was able to channel emotions that have been suppressed for a long time and bring them to the surface for me to acknowledge and let go. I believe this has been a positive influence in alleviating pain felt in my body and decreasing my anxiety and depression levels. I’m looking forward to having my next session.